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Well... we happen to be the best. Other companies distribute your books to all major stores and so do we.  They offer you marketing advice and we don't, we do the marketing, not the authors. We invest a huge amount of time & money only to make sure that your book becomes a bestseller. Briefly, the Authors Write and we do the rest from start to finish.

It's not a dream - it's real and we can show you.

The Difference Maker

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Great Marketing Strategies

Great marketers turn traffic into sales opportunities! And we do just that.

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Author Prepayment Program

You heard that right, we pay authors in advance once in a while. This program is available for selected contracted authors worldwide.

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Revenue-First Mindset

Stop wasting time on stuff that doesn't work! We know what to do when to do it and why it matters. Our goal is to help authors earn a living from their creative works.

The Plan

Step 1: Submission

Authors submit their books or stories to us by filling out a form which shows up when the Get Started Button is clicked.

Step 2: Contract Signing

After review, we send out the publishing contract by Email. Our contracts are legally binding. After the authors sign the contract, we start the publishing process. 

Step 3: Royalty Share

We send you your share of the generated income through your preferred payment method. This is done twice a year. 

But Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

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"Every second I spent working with Web Canopy was time well spent! The team there is great at what they do!"

John Smith
Director of Marketing at Company
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"Working with Web Canopy has been the best decision of my career -- no, my life!"

Steve Smith
CMO of Company
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"I would go back to Web Canopy for my next project in a heartbeat! The entirety of the project was smooth, painless, and fun!"

Jane Doe
CEO of Company
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Insights, Info, and Ideas

How we work on FicSpot
It all starts with: Submission > Reviewing > Contract Signing and finally, Publishing.   Authors submit their creative works to us and choose one of...

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