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How we work on FicSpot

It all starts with:

Submission > Reviewing > Contract Signing and finally, Publishing.


Authors submit their creative works to us and choose one of the two contracts we have in place. 

Our Review team receives and reviews the submitted content to make sure the content doesn't violate our publication guidelines. 

If the content meets our publication guidelines, an email that prompts the author to sign the contract is sent to the author. The author fills in all the required information and finally signs the contract if he or she agrees with all that is jotted down.

We then start the publishing process and make the title available in all our bookstores and the partner's, this includes platforms, sites or apps and wherever potential readers are.

Who do we work with

We work with Graphic Designers, Marketers, Narrators or Voice Over artists, Video Creators, Editors, Influencers, Reviewers and Writers. More will be joining the team soon as long as there's a great need for them.

All these people work hand in hand just for you and your creative works. They all stand with our Goals, Visions and Core Values. Just like you, they make up FicSpot and are cherished for their great work.


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